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Creature Development:   Production of character ‘design-sculpts’ and production models under the supervision of Director Robert Stromberg

Lead Character Artist- Lead a team of character artists in the production of in-game character assets and look development design sculpts/ conceptual models for the upcoming title of Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z.

As a Lead Modeling TD on the upcoming Man of Steel film I managed a team of modelers with the production of digital double  organic models, environment models, vehicles and prop models.

I had the fortunate opportunity to work closely with Zack Snyder and ‘design-sculpt’ characters for the upcoming film.

Halo 4 - upcoming video game / MS 343

Sr. Character Artist – MS343 – High -resolution digital sculpture,  creature development:  ‘design- sculpts’,  in-game model production of characters for the Halo Universe.

You can check out a few of the released characters that I worked on for Halo 4 via the image link above.

3D Modeler – Rio & Ice Age 3- I produced models of  ‘whacky’ stylized characters, creatures, environments vehicles and props.

Sr. Organic Modeler – Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Click the image above for a few samples of creature models from the film.

I worked closely with Sam Raimi as a Pre-Visualiztion artist. My role was to rough out many of the VFX sequences in the film.

Sr. Character Artist- Uncharted / Drake’s Fortune – I produced enemy class in game character assets / models, textures, design sculpts for the  game ..As well as the nifty lil’ skull for the cover art.